We Do the Heavy Lifting

In 2015, Salt Solutions entered the industry with a new-age idea. Founder Jim Viverito and his family recognized a unique need shared by homeowners and business leaders. Water softener salt is something everyone uses on a regular basis but carrying a 50-lb bag isn’t safe or realistic for everyone. Once you factor in the basement stairs, things can become dangerous very quickly.

Our team is here to change that. We ensure everyone has access to premium salt products regardless of age, mobility, or weightlifting restrictions.

Salt Solutions provides a safer and more convenient option for our customers. We not only deliver your desired water softener salt to your home or business, but our technicians can also refill the brine tank for you. No more hauling, installing or putting yourself at risk.

We realize that your other chores may involve heavy lifting too. Our team can also help make these tasks safer. We deliver rock salt and treated ice melt in bulk and bagged mulch in many colors. We’ll neatly stack your delivery at your preferred location, doorstep, or truck access point.

All technicians are fully bonded, insured, and background checked.

Delivering on Our Promise

Founder Jim Viverito left his long-term career to establish Salt Solutions. This business venture allowed him to spend more time with his family. In other words, family has been our top priority since day one.

The people we serve have become an extension of our family. We treat our customers with the same respect and care that we give our loved ones. Over the years, we have expanded our team with friendly and courteous people who fit this same philosophy. We continue to grow, not just to provide better service to homeowners and businesses but to ensure each customer feels like they are a member of the Salt Solutions family.